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Historically, babies were named at a christening/baptism church ceremony. This is still the most popular choice for parents but an increasing number are now looking for alternative, non-religious ceremonies.

If you wish to have a religious ceremony there are 3 services available. - A traditional Baptism – which most people know as a �Christening' -, here the parents declare the child to be a follower of Jesus Christ; - A Dedication: during this service the child's parents make certain promises regarding the child's upbringing – a service of Dedication is popular in Baptist churches; and - A Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child, a service of Blessing which is based on what Jesus did when children were brought to Him. This service is increasingly popular in the Church of England as parents are less inclined to make promises on the child's behalf that he or she may not wish to keep later in life. Many parents don't go to church themselves and don't want to have their child named in a church service. There are alternatives. A family gathering in a hired venue or even at home is just fine. Get a member of the family to formally name the baby and then hold a party. Or you can even bring someone in to take the �service'. The Baby Naming Society will help you to put on a religious or non-religious ceremony. This is a nationwide service and the society has several hundred �Celebrants' who will hold a service in your home or locally. They will provide: - A personalised script from a choice of ceremonies; - A short programme which can be copied for your guests; - A certificate for you to keep as a memento of the service; - Copies of readings chosen from the Society's selection. Call them on 0845 004 8608.

Or try the British Humanist Association, a non-religious body who can offer similar advice. The BHA have a useful book called New Arrivals. Christenings are a time of present giving. A personalised christening gift suggests you have taken more care when looking for a present. The bone china christening plates found here|at this website|at this site|at this store|at this shop} are made to order and are glazed with a choice of designs and the child's names and any other wording around the rim. They make great keepsakes.

You will find a great article about christenings at this website

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