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If you truly wish to win over your high-profile customers, procure an opportunity or differentiate yourself from competitors, luxury packaging is an instant resource to create an impact. And in spite of often being designed with the ideal materials, elaborate branding and finishing of the very best quality, luxury packaging boxes do not need to be pricey to produce.

High quality packaging for your products, special edition pieces or samples can create excitement ahead of them being revealed and may heighten the appeal of your products and brand. Additionally, the exclusive appeal of luxury packaging can develop a more powerful connection with the customer to increase and maintain loyalty. If a customer feels more appreciated and special when getting a premium quality luxury package, they'll be more likely to be committed to your brand and recommend it, improving your business' reach and credibility.

What to keep in mind when designing luxury packaging

Usually luxury packaging implies paper over board or rigid box packaging. Your luxury packaging boxes need to reflect the luxury product inside and accordingly, must be produced from excellent materials, with a luxurious design. Customers should certainly identify luxury packaging from a first glance so as to know that the item is also of a fine quality.

To establish the impression of luxuriousness, packaging should afford a multi-sensory experience; not only will it need to look good, it must also feel good in your hands, or even smell luxurious. Hence, in many instances, the structural designs of luxury packaging aren't exactly innovative, as the concept of luxury is that it will be effortlessly identified and people will keep returning to the same style.

Packaging doesn't have to be very showy to point out that it is luxury, actually in most situations, luxury packaging is rather the opposite, with designers following the mantra that �simplicity is key'. While a lot of consideration is put into choosing the best materials and most extravagant branding options, luxury packaging designs tend to prefer textured materials and pearlescent varnishes compared to garish, bright colours and glossy finishes.

To summarise, your luxury packaging boxes should deliver the following:

• Be tactile - If your packaging appears nice enough to touch, chances are people will, and the moment your product is in their hands you're a step closer to sealing the opportunity - so long as your packaging can communicate the vital particulars about your product, and what it can do for them.

• Create anticipation - Unwrapping a luxury item should seem like an occasion by itself. Implementing layers and intelligent design will trigger excitement and enable the opener to pause between opening the box and fully getting the item inside. This will allow them to absorb and appreciate the luxury condition of the packaging and product. Keep in mind that the inside of the packaging should additionally emphasise quality for a cohesive brand experience.

• Make it simple - Luxury consumers like their products to look timeless and sophisticated, with heritage. Minimalist packaging with quality materials and detailing, can set a regular product apart from the competition. Choose a clean and simplistic design which indicates authenticity. Having transparent windows and apertures to display a glimpse of the product, can also aid with the anticipation and showcase your offerings and identity in a truthful way.

• The finishing touches - Elements of design to bear in mind are colour, lamination, spot UV, raised impressions - created though embossing and debossing - and scent. There are a range of finishes that may all add to the luxurious feel of your packaging.

• Be responsible - More than ever before consumers are ethically aware, and may find added layers and surplus materials to be frivolous or environmentally unfriendly. Making use of sustainable resources or luxury packaging boxes that can be reused or recycled, will both be kinder to the environment and maintain the customers' interests at the forefront.

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