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Children often have corrective treatment for their teeth because they are gapped, or crooked or overcrowded however as we get older we are not as prone to seek out the orthodontic treatment we need. In today's world though, there is no need to suffer in silence, or let any dental imperfections affect your self-confidence.

Many orthodontic treatments that are ideal for adults have been developed that could really transform your smile into one just a little more perfect. Teeth straightening is an option that is now easily accessible and convenient to achieve whatsoever your funds. Options differ in how they perform, what regions of the mouth they concentrate on and the time they can take to produce the straightening effects you desire yet provided you book a consultation with a professional to talk about the changes you'd like to make there will surely be something to suit you.

Traditional braces are the most well-known of the teeth straightening methods and continue to be a great option. Lasting anywhere up to 2 years they will provide a continual corrective solution and are very effective. But fixed wire non-removable braces are not for everybody and for most adults the appearance of this solution might be off putting. Because of this various other procedures have developed that either provide a removable device, or one which is highly discreet.


Invisalign is a set of clear removable aligners that gradually exert a force that adjusts the teeth into the required position. Invisalign enables you to treat a number of mild to moderate issues including crowded, crooked or gapped teeth, and is almost invisible, so nobody will see that you're wearing them. The custom-made aligners fit securely over the teeth and are modified every 2 weeks as incremental movement is carried out. Invisalign is a teeth straightening solution which provides good flexibility as the appliance be taken out anytime it's called for, which is beneficial at mealtimes and if going to special events.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces perform similarly to regular braces as they use brackets and wires, however, as opposed to being fitted onto the front of your teeth, they are instead affixed to the back of the teeth. The metal brackets are custom-made to fit the shape of the individual teeth, using state of the art technology.

Because they are conveniently set at the back surfaces of the teeth, lingual braces are totally invisible. This is particularly beneficial to people who are self-conscious about having treatment, as it's possible to get wonderfully straight teeth without people discovering their braces.

Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces are made for the front of your teeth, implementing small and clear, or tooth coloured brackets. Since they're greatly subtle and blend in with the teeth more, ceramic braces are a good looking and popular alternate choice for men and women to metal braces.

Ceramic braces are ideal for people who have more moderate to severe malocclusions like crooked or rotated teeth, and they're also a more cost-effective orthodontic solution than some of the other subtle alternatives.

Straightening your teeth has never been simpler, and options for treatment never so varied. With something to accomodate everyone it just takes a call to book that consultation.

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