What’s Included?

Company Formation
(Valued at €249+VAT) We handle all the paperwork for your company formation, ensuring a swift and hassle-free start for your business
Company Secretarial Maintenance
(Valued at €459+VAT) Our professional team serves as your Company Secretary, providing you with the confidence that you're fully compliant with all company regulations.
Company Seal
(Valued at €75+VAT) Once your company is registered, we'll promptly order a customised company seal with your company's name engraved on it, adding a professional touch to your business.
Expert Advice and Support
Our dedicated Client Services and Company Teams are here to support you at every stage of your business journey. Feel free to reach out to us anytime for valuable advice and assistance.
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Formation & Secretary Package

Formation & Secretary Package

Save time and effort and gain peace of mind from having a trusted partner in your corner.

659 (+VAT)


Set Up Process


Purchase online


Provide company information & identification documents


We prepare the paperwork


You sign & return the application to us


Receive your Certificate of Incorporation

Requirement for directors who do not have a PPS number

Directors are required to have a PPS number or an equivalent alternative. If you don’t possess a PPS number, please inform us, and we will guide you on the Companies Registration Office requirements to ensure compliance.

Information Required


Company details

You will be asked to complete a series of simple checklists, providing us with the necessary information to register the company in Ireland.

Personal details

Details of all directors and shareholders of the company are required. This includes residential addresses, birth dates, nationality, and occupation.

ID and proof of address

As members of Chartered Accountants Ireland, we collect a copy of all directors ID and proof of address as part of our client acceptance process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Client Services Team is always happy to help you with any questions about our Company Formation Service.
Call us on +353 (0)1 905 9364 or email hello@kinore.com
Is Irish residency required to establish a company in Ireland? +
No, you do not need to be an Irish resident to set up a company in Ireland. However, if your company doesn't have at least one EU/EEA resident director, you will need to obtain a Section 137 Bond. Please reach out to our team for further information.
Why do I need a company secretary? +
Irish companies are legally required to have a company secretary. Company secretaries are responsible for maintaining and organising important company documents with the Companies Registration Office (CRO). They stay updated on legal changes and help the company adhere to CRO reporting requirements. Failure to comply with these obligations can lead to legal issues and penalties.
Why do I need a company seal? +
It is a legal requirement to have a company seal. A company seal, also known as a corporate seal, is a traditional tool used by companies to emboss official documents or certificates. It adds a level of formality to documents such as contracts, deeds, share certificates, and agreements.
Am I obligated to use the provided constitution? +
Our standard company constitution aligns with the Companies Act 2014 and has been designed for your convenience. While it is possible to create a constitution tailored to your specific business needs, it must adhere to CRO guidelines. Please be aware that custom constitutions may take slightly longer to gain acceptance. We encourage you to consult with our Client Services Team to discuss your requirements, and we are more than happy to assist you.
How long does the company registration process in Ireland usually take? +
As soon as you make an online purchase, our teams commence working on your company registration application. All our procedures are conducted online, offering you a convenient and streamlined process for submitting all necessary information. In general, it takes approximately 3-5 working days for the CRO to process your company registration application.
What should I do once my company is set up? +
Once your company is registered, our Company Team will email you your Certificate of Incorporation and the Company Number of your new company. Then, you should register the Beneficial Owner with the Registration Of Beneficial Ownership (RBO) and start the tax registration process. For more information check out our guide on Compliance Requirements For New Companies In Ireland: https://kinore.com/guides/compliance-requirements-for-new-companies/