Enterprise Ireland has selected Kinore to participate on a panel of approved financial advisors for Covid-19 Business Financial Planning Grant worth up to €5,000.

Eligible companies can receive a grant of up to €5,000 for financial support from an Enterprise Ireland (EI) approved financial consultant.

The financial advisor will help you:

1) Determine how to minimise costs and maximise sources of liquidity in your business

The approved financial advisor will look at your company’s current position and examine the negative Covid-19 impacts on your business.

2) Prepare a short-to-medium term financial plan so your business can secure external funding

The financial advisor will help you devise a strategic plan on how to mitigate risks and identify appropriate actions and the resources required. This should include 3 years of projections (monthly profit & loss accounts, balance sheet, and cash-flow).

3) Implement a framework to monitor and manage your business’ finances

The financial advisor will ensure that business owners are aware of how to additional finance, for example, from DEASP, Revenue, Banks and other sources.

How to apply?

2) Choose a financial consultant

The relevant Enterprise Ireland Development Advisor will provide the names of three approved consultants based on sectoral experience and location for each engagement.

You can then choose which consultant to engage with.

3) Engage with the consultant

Companies are expected to engage with the consultant, for example, Kinore, directly. This will establish their availability and any other conflicts that may arise.

4) Complete the application form

Once the relationship has been established, the company needs to complete the online application for the grant. Applications that do not include the name of an approved consultant will not be approved.

If approved, the company will receive a Letter of Offer and be asked for their bank details.

Who can apply?

If you are interested in applying for the Covid-19 Business Financial Planning Grant, contact Enterprise Ireland now.

Current EI clients should contact their assigned Enterprise Ireland Advisor. Non-EI clients can contact the Enterprise Ireland Business Response team at businessresponse@enterprise-ireland.com or +353 1 727 2088.

Applications are open all year round so check your eligibility by talking to EI today.

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