What’s Included?

Certified Xero Advisor support
As a client, you will be supported by our Xero Certified Advisors, giving you peace of mind that you are given the most up-to-date training and guidance.
Tailored training and support for you and your team
Depending on your needs, we can provide training and support for you and your team members - tell us what you need and we will do our best to match our services.
Advice on integrations and apps
We always try to save our clients time - this starts with understanding your business needs and we can recommend suitable apps, if required.
Xero workshops and resources
Our Xero Advisors co-host our Xero webinars and workshops and we provide user-friendly guides on the advantages of using Xero, so you always have access to our Xero knowledge.

Xero Conversion & Training

Xero Conversion & Training

Move your old bookkeeping systems to Xero software with the help of experts.

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How we help businesses to digitalise their accounts

  • Introductory call to scope your needs

    New clients have an introductory call to scope their business. Our award-winning team will figure out which Xero products and features can add value so when you get started with Xero, you're using it to its full potential, and it’s personalised to your business.

  • Flexible service, built to grow with you

    We can help you set up on Xero for the first time, or if you are a larger business that needs to use Xero more effectively. For example, we can help you use features like Xero Expenses (to allow employees to submit expenses) and Xero Inventory (for measuring stock).

Information Required


Banking details

It's useful to know how many bank accounts you need linked to Xero so we can set up your account accurately

Sales and purchases

Understanding your transaction levels gives us insight into how much data needs to be converted to Xero.

Historical information

The conversion may differ depending on if you are moving from desktop or other cloud systems - tell us more about your needs.

When is the right time to move to Xero?

  • Are you spending too much time on data entry?

    Manual tasks such as invoicing, reconciliation, and updating contacts can be time-consuming. It may be a good idea to switch to a more automated system like Xero to benefit from time-saving functionality.

  • Are you experiencing errors or inconsistencies?

    Switching to Xero can help reduce the risk of errors, improve the accuracy of your financial information, and help you to spot anomalies in your accounting.

  • Do you want to collaborate with others?

    Sharing your account with your accountant or team is easy. Xero's multi-user access and collaboration features can help increase productivity and improve communication.

  • Have you lost a sense of control over your finances?

    Xero's real-time access gives you visability over your cashflow easily and quickly. This will help you make more informed business decisions and respond quickly to financial opportunities or challenges.

  • Are you interested in going digital or consolidating your stack?

    Xero is suitable for all levels of digital savviness. It can help you to streamline your business operations and improve efficiency.

  • Is security a concern?

    If security is a concern, Xero's robust security measures can provide peace of mind and ensure the protection of your financial data.

Expert support from Ireland's largest Xero Partner

We are Xero’s Partner of the Year 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024 and Certified Xero Platinum Partners

Want more support with Xero? Our accounting packages include a discounted Xero premium subscription to bring your entire accounting function under one fee. Our team of qualified accountants (ACCA, ACA CPA) and expert bookkeepers can take care of your entire accounting and bookkeeping function, or we can collaborate with you on Xero to prepare your financial statements.


Some of our happy clients

87 reviews on
Tanja Prpic
Tanja Prpic
15. May, 2024.
The ladies were concise and gave a lot of information. I feel like i understand this so much better now, i had no questions for them after the presentation!
Marija Vujasin
Marija Vujasin
10. April, 2024.
Very useful educational webinar!
Ray Smith
Ray Smith
12. March, 2024.
So clear and concise, the best business Webinars by far. Brilliant!!
Oksana Bakhtieieva
Oksana Bakhtieieva
12. March, 2024.
Very useful. Thsnjs
Juliana Pellegrino
Juliana Pellegrino
6. March, 2024.
Great team assisting our company!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Client Services Team is always happy to help you with any questions about our Company Formation Service.
Call us on +353 (0)1 905 9364 or email hello@kinore.com
How long will the transition process take? +
Depending on the amount of data there is to transfer, we can help you move to Xero in just a couple of days. Typically, we will carry out an introductory call with your team manager to ensure your Xero account is set up correctly and all the information that is important to you is available and accurate.

For more specific advice, please reach out to our team today.

Can you provide training on how to use Xero effectively and efficiently? +
Yes, our team of expert Xero Certified Advisors and bookeekpers can provide training for you and your team. Depending on your business and industry, you may have different needs and requirements from your online accounting software.

Talk to us about what you need and we're happy to match our services to your needs.

Will you handle my ongoing bookkeeping and accounting needs? +
If you are busy running your business, we know that managing the day-to-day bookkeeping and annual tax returns can be time-consuming. Let us take care of some of the accounting and bookkeeping requirements that come with being a business owner.

Our team of chartered and certified accountants (ACCA, ACA, CPA), bookkeepers, IPASS-qualified payroll specialists, and certified company secretaries are on hand to help ensure all your accounting needs are met.