What’s Included?

Payroll set up
Depending on your service, payroll set-up is required to set your employees up on software and link as your PAYE tax agent with Revenue. We also conduct expert checks by collecting employee information and ensuring correct tax credits are allocated.
PAYE registration
If you are a first-time employer, we can register your business with Revenue so you can start hiring staff. We take care of all the admin so you can focus on growing your business.
Weekly, fortnightly, or monthly payroll
Our payroll fees start from €49+VAT per payroll run, for 1-5 employees. We will accurately enter your employees' pay, ensure correct tax deductions, and email payslips to your employees in a timely, efficient, and dependable manner.
Wage, pension, savings and employee journals
You can trust us to take care of the link between your payroll software and accounting software and ensure employees' pay, PAYE liabilities, pension payments, etc, are always kept up to date.
Access to payroll software
Our payroll specialists are on hand to transfer your business over to the secure, automated, and user-friendly software, BrightPay Connect.
Revenue point of contact
We'll take care of reconciling your Revenue Online System (ROS) account and make sure that you are paying the correct taxes for your employees. To reduce administration, we can set up a convenient option for you to pay your tax to Revenue.

Payroll Services

Payroll Services

We take care of the whole process from PAYE registration to payroll processing. Talk to us about your needs.

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How many employees do you have?

The fee you pay will depend on how many employees you have. We understand that your needs may change as your business grows and/or experiences seasonality, so our fees can be tailored to your evolving needs and requirements.

How often are your employees paid?

Weekly, fortnightly, or monthly? Let us know how often your employees are paid so we can meet your expectations. If required, we can also provide payroll payment services to make paying employees as straightforward as possible.

Revenue Payroll Notification (RPN) for all employees

We conduct expert checks by collecting RPN's and ensuring correct tax credits are allocated. Rely on our professionals to prepare and file the correct payroll documentation to Revenue and to your employees.

Set Up Process


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What is the difference between in-house and outsourcing payroll services in Ireland?

Digital communication
We work the same as an in-house team except our Payroll Team communicates over the phone, email, and video call and you talk to our team from anywhere.
Digital processes
We use digital processes to add value to your business, keep down costs, and ensure we can provide an efficient and professional service to you.
We are always there for you
Our teams are comprised of chartered and certified accountants, bookkeepers, and company secretaries, so we are always available to support your business through all stages of growth.

Why outsource your payroll team?

  • Access to IPASS qualified team and their expert knowledge

    We'll chat with you about your needs and introduce you to your dedicated team. They'll get to know your business and gather everything they need from you.

  • No downtime, annual leave, or parental leave as our team is available around the clock

    We work to help your business meet its goals and run more efficiently. Your professional team will be on hand whenever you need them.

  • Always up to date with legislation

    Our Payroll Teams are always up-to-date on the latest Irish payroll legislation and we are equipped to provide a complete solution for payroll services in Ireland.

  • No additional HR involvement or payroll

    We offer reliable support so you can always be assumed that business operations are backed by a team of experts.

  • Dependable service and certainty that there is always someone available to help

    We understand the needs of startups and growing businesses, so we know that your needs can constantly evolve. Free up your time by outsourcing administration tasks to professionals.

  • Access to services that grow and adapt to your business

    Our payroll services in Ireland are tailored to your needs and we conduct regular check-ins to ensure our services meet your needs and expectations.

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Tanja Prpic
Tanja Prpic
15. May, 2024.
The ladies were concise and gave a lot of information. I feel like i understand this so much better now, i had no questions for them after the presentation!
Marija Vujasin
Marija Vujasin
10. April, 2024.
Very useful educational webinar!
Ray Smith
Ray Smith
12. March, 2024.
So clear and concise, the best business Webinars by far. Brilliant!!
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Oksana Bakhtieieva
12. March, 2024.
Very useful. Thsnjs
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Juliana Pellegrino
6. March, 2024.
Great team assisting our company!

Need more support?

Is it time you ditched time-consuming tasks and outsourced to professionals? Kinore has an in-house team of expert bookkeepers, VAT preparers, and IPASS-qualified payroll professionals ready to help you streamline your financial admin.
Bookkeeping Team

Carl Doolan

Our online bookkeeping services ensure you operate at the peak of your business operation. Whether you require advice on stock, cash flow or reporting, we will provide the right solution for you.
VAT Team

Justin McGreevy

Need someone on your team who understands VAT? Our team of VAT specialists can give you advice and handle all the VAT paperwork for you so you have time to focus on running your business.
Payroll Team

Daniel McNulty

You'll benefit from the expertise of an IPASS-qualified payroll team. We help new employers hiring for the first time, through to operating payroll for established businesses hiring 1000+.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Client Services Team is always happy to help you with any questions about our Payroll Services. We aim to respond to any queries within 2 hours or chat with us instantly via live chat.
Call us on +353 (0)1 905 9364 or email hello@kinore.com
This is my first time as an employer - how can you help? +
We help you by taking away the administrative and statutory requirements that come with employing staff. We give you time to focus on managing your staff, growing your business, and we provide peace of mind that your payroll function is looked after and compliant.
Do you provide HR support? +
If you need HR support, for example, expertly drafting employee contracts or handbooks, please reach out to us and we can provide you with a recommendation.
What employee information do you need? +
The information we require includes name, date of birth, address, gender, email address, Personal Public Service Number (PPSN), payment schedule and gross payment for each employee. This information is collected securely through our exclusive online client profile area.
Can you answer employees' queries? +
You or your employees may have queries about business mileage, subsistence, working from home allowance, benefit-in-kind (BIK), pensions, tax-free vouchers, and/or employment tax related issues, etc. We’re always happy to offer advice based on your specific situation.
Why do I need payroll software? +
Using online payroll software, employers and employees can retrieve their payment details quickly, easily, and conveniently. It is also a requirement that employers communicate their employees' pay details to Revenue on or before they are paid. Using payroll software makes this communication efficient and seamless.
What kinds of employee payroll functions do you support? +
We take care of any benefit calculations, such as illness benefit, maternity benefit, paternity benefit and Benefit In Kind (BIK). We also ensure that your employees' holiday entitlements are accurate and paid correctly. Payroll data such as employees' expense claim forms can also be submitted for your approval and we make sure that payment is taken care of.