How can outsourcing your calls help you grow?

Many Entrepreneurs find it hard to find enough hours in the day to meet clients, answering calls and to juggle all the other things necessary to grow their business.

We asked Rachael Gray and her Team members Emla and Marie at Call Pal what the benefits are in using their professional Virtual Reception Services and what they can offer to Startups.

Here at Call Pal we can appreciate the business world is a scary place for entrepreneurs starting off their business. Bravado is a great trait in any entrepreneur but a smart business person will take controlled risks where they can. You may envision your business successful on a global level with hundreds of staff helping it to grow – and we hope you get there! But every business starts somewhere and that somewhere is usually on the ground. You’re only one person and you need help – but full time help doesn’t need to cost upwards of €26,000 a year.

Starting a new business is no easy task and it is extremely important to put your best foot forward when dealing with the ever changing needs of your customers and clients. Virtual reception services maintain the highest level of professionalism that will enhance your business services. As most small businesses do not have the money to match the in-house support services that large-scale organizations have, outsourcing your call answering can provide you with access to tools and support that large-scale organizations have –  with much more affordable options to suit even the smallest of budgets.

“Studies show that 62% of callers do not phone back if there is no dial tone – and 79% will not phone back if the calls go unanswered!”

Advantages of outsourcing reception service

Outsourcing your calls to a service such as Call Pal will prevent your business suffering to such statistics. Your calls will be managed exactly the way you require with Call Pal. All of your calls will be:

  • screened
  • handled efficiently
  • booked in as appointments if applicable
  • directed as per your instructions
  • emailed to you with clear and concise messages
  • greeting with your own personalised answering message

No unexpected hidden costs

Virtual receptionists end up being quite a lot cheaper than an in-house receptionist. The rough cost of an in-house receptionist can be anywhere between €26,000- €30,000 per annum not including benefits such as paid holidays. Our monthly packages are a fraction of these costs and can be upgraded and downgraded at any time to suit your business call demands. Compared to the extra costs that occur when hiring an inhouse receptionist our costs are all inclusive, this rids you of the extra costs such as vacations or breaks – our diligent virtual receptionists services cover the entire day, breaks and all!

The average in-house receptionist will spend approximately 70% of their day monitoring the phones and relaying messages, the other 30% of the time they spend on various duties that may leave them unable to answer incoming calls.
We have found the cost saving benefits of utilizing call answering services will save you approximately 67% compared to the costs of an in-house receptionist. Not only do you experience cost saving benefits via professional call answering services but you can also be rest assured your calls will not go unanswered!

Your dedicated call pal team

Call Pal are offering you not just one full time virtual receptionist but a team of strong PA Professionals working together to cater for your call answering needs. We specialise in seamlessly becoming an extension of your business.

Using a service like ours ensures that all callers will receive quality customer service and not one call will go unanswered. That way you don’t miss out on sales opportunities because you haven’t had time to assess them. Companies are using our service because it puts their mind at ease, they can still be hands on and take their calls as we’ll work off a manage and transfer system so they can focus on key tasks. We answer all calls in your business name and either transfer to a preferred line or alternatively a message is taken and emailed to you.

Why call pal?

  • No more missed calls
  • Faster and better services
  • Call requirements are designed exactly as you require
  • Increased efficiency
  • Highly professional specialized service
  • Dedicated local area code business number
  • Friendly and professional service every single time the phone rings
  • When your business grows your reception grows with you


We all find it difficult to cope with change and in a business environment outsourcing your call answering is a great way to adjust to changes that may affect you by allowing you to focus on other core aspects of your projects at hand. With the help of virtual reception services, if and when your business grows your virtual reception grows with you.

Business, and Startups in particular need the flexibility to operate under any changes and need the freedom to conquer any business growth challenges that may come your way.
Call Pal is exactly what you need to give your business this. We relieve the stress of hiring full time employees and this avoids the time consuming task of screening candidates, training and managing them. It takes the pressure of managers as they avoid having to organise cover for expected holiday periods and any inevitable sick days.

Call Pal is designed to relieve business owners of mundane duties so they can focus on growing their business. The dedicated Call Pal team look after every call you receive, they manage all your messages and inquiries as directed by you.

Working with many different industries throughout Ireland we take pride in managing call requirements specifically designed for each individual client. Whether you are on the road or in the office your callers will know no different, as we can reach you via your mobile or take messages when you are busy – it’s as easy as that!

Our number one priority is our clients satisfaction, we want to provide your callers with the very best service, as the success of your business is very important to us.

``Using Call Pal is a fantastic way for a small or new business to have an affordable yet reliable call answering service. A good answering service is essential for any business to develop business leads. The team at Call Pal are very professional and I get regular feedback from clients on how nice the team are at dealing with their calls. I could not recommend Call Pal enough who have been a brilliant support to me in helping me develop my business``

- David McCoy, McCoy Solicitors

So, to summarize, having our professional call answering service working with you will split the workload, offer more flexibility, reduce costs so you can sell your business and we’ll be happy to watch it grow. Whether you are on the road or in the office we promise to catch your calls.

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